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Annual Report 2019

---- To all our Happy Donors, ¬°Gracias! There are honestly no words that can properly express how incredibly grateful we are for your support. I know, I know... I just used a lot of adjectives. But they were all necessary to communicate how happy and appreciative our whole team is. FYI. You can go through the slideshow above to see details about what we have accomplished. This year alone we saw our non-profit grow in every single area! Sales in our store (TheHappyGivers.com) continue to grow. We hosted more volunteers than ever in Puerto Rico. We brought clean water to thousand of people in the Bahamas. We began our work with migrants in Mexico. And we increased our support in...

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Going To The Migrant Shelters

My friend Roberto was killed in Honduras recently. And I am heartbroken. Back in 2010 he hosted us, fed us, and welcomed us into his home. But the violence in his village prevailed. He was a good man. A family man.  A superb coffee farmer. And now, he is no more.  Dangerous scenarios like these are very real in Central America. And no matter where you stand politically on the immigration issue, one thing is for sure: something needs to change. For us who follow Jesus (and His ways) our calling and privilege is to serve those who are oppressed (while working toward the change). So next week, the Happy NPO is getting involved. We are joining a small group of...

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Out Of The Blue | Puerto Rico

Here in Puerto Rico, we keep hearing stories of loss, of business that have not recovered, of families still separated, and homes that are extremely vulnerable.It's the Blue Roof Phenomenon. Hundreds of houses are still using blue tarps as their ceiling, in danger of devastation at the arrival of any major storm. This is why we are here now! We are aiming to restore 25 houses in the next 3 months. We are aiming to fill communities with hope. We are aiming to increase recovery and support. And we need your help. Donate Today Towards Our OUT OF THE BLUE Fund. Anything and everything helps. As always, your donation is tax deductible.You see, God brought our whole operation to Puerto Rico. And we are...

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Puerto Rico Relief Work

‚ÄúWhen Jesus saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Matthew 9:36 ¬† I just returned from my sixth trip to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria‚Ķ and I‚Äôm going back. We have to! The people of Puerto Rico need more help. This is not a political statement or a dramatic appeal‚Ķ this is a reality check.‚Ĩ Now, I‚Äôm looking for brave individuals, churches and/or organizations that want to help the people of Puerto Rico.¬†Our family is moving there soon. We want to be present for the work ahead. So let‚Äôs partner together to serve and love the island. Come! We have a registry of people who are still...

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Project Next

In 2017, I met my daughter. My wife and I began the process of adoption in 2011. And it was not till 2017 when I met our precious girl. While being with her I was overwhelmed with love for her... and pain for the other 21 kids in her orphanage. Who are their parents? What is their story? Who is their family?  Project Next began as a burning passion to make sure the next family would be fully supported to adopt the next child in waiting. Most followers of Christ are open to the idea of adoption, but the infamous high expense holds most people back even before they begin.  We want to eliminate the fear of going broke but substitute it with the overwhelming joy...

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