Sizing Guide

Unisex Apparel:
The unisex styles are meant to be for men and women, yet equivalent to men's sizing. Meaning it's going to size regular on men and larger on women.
For women:
    •  If you like it more fitted and the right size, then size down.
    •  If you like it oversized, then get your regular size.

For men:

    • Go with your regular size for unisex apparel
Measurements: Tank Tops | T-shirts | Raglan | Long Sleeve T-shirts | Sweatshirts | Hoodies 


Women's Apparel: 

The women's styles have different fits. Check the specific style below...

Women's T-shirts:

Our women's t-shirts fit tight and small. We recommend buying one size above what you normally wear.

    • If you like tight, get your size.
    • If you like it comfortable get it one size above.
    • If you like it super relaxed, do two sizes above.

Slouchy And Crop Styles:

Our crop apparel fits regular. Please choose your usual size.

Tank Tops:

Our tank tops fit very small. Please choose at least one or two sizes above your regular size depending on your desired fit.

    • If you like it slimmer get it one size above.
    • If you like it looser, do two sizes above.

Measurements: T-shirt | Slouchy Tops | Crop Tops | Tank Tops


Of course, for each item we provide a chart to explain the sizes and measurements. Use those guidelines. It will help!
And as always, if you ordered and still have any issues with the sizing, email us and we will help you get it right.