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Simply Sonship (Signed Copy)
Simply Sonship (Signed Copy)

Simply Sonship (Signed Copy)

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You’ve just messed up again. Worse this time.

You know the feelings that are coming: the guilt, the shame, the self loathing. You hear a noise in the distance, like galloping horses. Maybe it’s one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, coming to dispense judgement.

But... it’s not.

It’s an old man, running wildly toward you. His arms are outstretched, tears are streaming down his face. He falls on you and he kisses you. He picks you up, and calls you his own, and brings you home.

In Simply Sonship, Carlos introduces us to a Father like no other. Through personal stories, practical teachings and deep revelations, Carlos walks us through what it means to know and live in the joy of being God’s favourite. As you receive the embrace that will change your life, you will discover the unimaginable reality of walking in sonship with God.

* This is version 2.0 of Designed For Inheritance. It's the same book but with added content and a study guide inside.

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