Live With Courage

In partnership with Courage 365 we have launched this new / limited collection called: Live With Courage. The proceeds will support our non-profit as well as their important work in this day and age.

More on them:

We are a community of worldchanging survivors and advocates on a mission to end abuse. At Courage 365, you are understood, inspired, and empowered with the tools necessary to live with courage, every day. 

Courage 365 is not just a support group. We are a movement. Together, we inspire real change and lift each other up. There is not just one leader at Courage 365 as every member is capable of supporting one another. We will unite to create real-world healing, and we all are responsible for starting a courageous revolution where all genders, sexualities, religions, and anything else that makes an individual different from one another are equal, accepted, and respected.

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