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Project Next

In 2017, I met my daughter. My wife and I began the process of adoption in 2011. And it was not till 2017 when I met our precious girl. While being with her I was overwhelmed with love for her... and pain for the other 21 kids in her orphanage. Who are their parents? What is their story? Who is their family? 

Project Next began as a burning passion to make sure the next family would be fully supported to adopt the next child in waiting. Most followers of Christ are open to the idea of adoption, but the infamous high expense holds most people back even before they begin. 

We want to eliminate the fear of going broke but substitute it with the overwhelming joy of abundance, assistance and resources.

Every cent you spend here at TheHappyGivers.com helps us fund the next family.


  • Rachel Schroeder

    I LOVE the work y’all are doing!
    Thank you for creating a space where I can buy gifts for the people in my life while giving to work that so so deeply matters.

  • Shirley

    Would love your contact info…have so mzny questions.

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